Are UK citizens losing out in Brussels? Not really

by Christopher Wratil

Christopher Wratil

A common criticism of the EU is that Britain lacks influence in Brussels and Strasbourg and can be overruled by other nations. Christopher Wratil uses data from Eurobarometer surveys to analyse whether the EU does act in accordance with public opinion and, specifically, how well the views of UK citizens are represented compared to citizens in other EU countries. more

The worn leather of a suitcase  

by Maël Baseilhac

Maël Baseilhac

Nowadays, in a world in which top news stories are replaced in daily succession and in which information has become yet another product to consume and to entertain, we, unfortunately, no longer take the time to consider the weight of words.

After the media landscape had been dedicated solely to the “migration crisis” in Europe for some time, the most recent events have now literally replaced this extremely essential and fundamental question of how to define our societies and our identity.  From the perspective of a Frenchman living in Morocco, the handling of the inflow of migrants was disastrous at all levels, both at a practical level as well as at that of political instrumentalisation. Conjuring up a subjective parallel between the Moroccan and the French situation, “I”, as La Rumeur wrote in 2002, “let the worn leather of a suitcase speak from a corner […], spewing at fate that it did not come in vain …”[1]  more

Brussels – will it ever be the same?

by Darija Maric

Darija Maric

I will never forget the first time I went to Brussels. I was part of a leadership development programme and we were presenting our project in the ‘capital of Europe’. After our seminar was over, we did the whole tourist experience – we ate waffles at the Grote Markt, posed for pictures in front of the Place Royale and took a walk through Parc du Cinquantenaire. I remember Manneken Pis was a bit disappointing for me (I expected it to be bigger!) but I found some comfort in excellent Belgian beer, which we all had together in the famous Delirium bar. After that, the image of Brussels that stuck in my head was this photo we all took together in front of the Saint Michel Cathedral. I remember it was raining horribly that day and the wind seemed to plan to blow us all away, but nevertheless we were all so happy and relaxed, smiling under a big yellow umbrella and holding our thumbs up. more