The Young Perspective on Europe

In order to succeed Europe has to be a “citizen project”. It needs fresh ideas and innovative concepts as well as strong support from the younger generations. And Europe’s youth really does wish to participate: all they need is the access to the decision-makers and opinion leaders who currently shape the future of Europe. The FutureLab Europe programme aims to bridge this gap by empowering the voice of young people.

Aged 20 to 30, the 105 participants of FutureLab Europe from 30 countries – EU and non-EU – contribute their young and innovative ideas to current European topics:

1. Democratic values in Europe:
What should the EU and its member states do to ensure active democracies in Europe?

2. Equal opportunities:
How can the EU and its member states create a future-oriented labour market offering quality jobs for all young citizens?

3. European Identity:
What needs to be done to fight against nationalism and xenophobia and to prevent them from threatening European integration?

Latest News

2015: a year in elections - old trends and new challenges. A fresh look by young Europeans

2015 had been hailed by many observers as the year during which voters would finally decide if the EU would survive. In recent years, several elements piled up suggesting the erosion of democracy in Europe: low turn-out in the elections (be it national or European), growing dissatisfaction of citizens against the establishment, low participation in civil society movements and recent constitutional changes in countries like Hungary. Several of these elements continued and in some cases further consolidated throughout 2015. FutureLab Europe, as a programme committed to empowering the voice of young Europeans and to the nurturing of active democracies and democratic participation, followed election processes and over the year, FutureLab Europe participants shared their opinions on elections in Europe on our blog. As the year has now come to an end, it is useful to look back at what happened in order to understand how the situation evolved and what challenges lie ahead.

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FutureLab Europe: taking stocks of 2015 and looking ahead - a New Year's message from Programme Leader Claire Dhéret

Dear FutureLab Europe friends,

2015 has been a difficult year for Europe with the expansion of international conflicts, the inflow of thousands of migrants and the dreadful terrorist attacks adding to the already existing economic and social crisis. All these events have put the EU under extreme pressure, testing its capacity to react and act in a coherent manner and in accordance with its solidarity principle. Instead, these events have opened up new divides and created additional fractures among member states.

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FutureLab Europe will discuss social entrepreneurship at the Ronda Forum 2016

FutureLab Europe will send six FutureLabbers to the 2016 Ronda Forum, an international forum organised by the Real Maestranza Foundation which will take place in Ronda, Spain on February 26-27, 2016.

The Forum, entitled The Cities We Want, The Cities We Need, will focus on social entrepreneurship and its role in transforming Europe’s small cities and peripheral regions into attractive places for its citizens, especially for the young generation.

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