The Young Perspective on Europe

Europe has to be a “citizen project” in order to succeed. It needs fresh ideas and innovative concepts as well as a strong supportive base from among its younger generations. Outstanding alumni from ten European Foundations get selected into FutureLab Europe. Through their blog, in public debates and through their individual projects they share their young perspective on democratic participation, equal opportunities and identity in Europe.

Latest News

FutureLab Europe welcomes 20 new participants to the 2014 Annual Forum in Brussels

From 21 to 26 September, the fourth generation of FutureLab Europe participants will come to Brussels to take part in the 2014 FutureLab Europe Annual Forum. The overall topic of this year's programme will be ‘the State of Democracy and Equal Opportunities', addressing fundamental questions about the democratic values of the EU but also analysing the agenda of the new European leadership.

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New Social and Digital Media in the European Public Sphere

What are the challenges and opportunities offered by social and digital media in creating a European public sphere? At the Fritt Ord Foundation in Oslo, FutureLab Europe participants presented their position paper on this question and discussed their perspective with experts from traditional and online media.

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My Europe: What young people care about

In their series “My Europe. What Young People Care About” Sü published guest contributions by FutureLab Europe participants. They provided their young perspective on current European topics. In the time leading up the European elections, they also provided insight in national perceptions and clarified some all too easy explanatin provided by politicians.

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