The Young Perspective on Europe

Aged 20 to 30, the 87 participants of FutureLab Europe from 27 countries – EU and non-EU – contribute their young and innovative ideas to current European topics:

1. Democratic values in Europe:
What should the EU and its member states do to ensure active democracies in Europe?

2. Equal opportunities:
How can the EU and its member states create a future-oriented labour market offering quality jobs for all young citizens?

3. European Identity:
What needs to be done to fight against nationalism and xenophobia and to prevent them from threatening European integration?


Latest News

A message from Claire Dhéret, new FutureLab Europe Programme Leader

FutureLab Europe has started the New Year with some important changes. Claire Dhéret, Senior Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre (EPC), has taken over from Linde Zuidema as Programme Leader.

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FutureLab Europe collaborates with Süddeutsche

FutureLab Europe has established a cooperation with the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Every month, FutureLab Europe participants will write articles to be published in German on Süddeutsche Zeitung and in English on the FutureLab Europe website. With this cooperation, FutureLab Europe aims at promoting the exchange of ideas between the citizens of Europe, breaching the often compartmentalised national debates with fresh views from various parts of the continent.

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FutureLab Europe is researching EU integration fund for migrants

FutureLab Europe is investigating the practice of EU-funded programmes for the integration of young migrants by surveying them in order to hear directly their opinion and is currently preparing a publication, which will be presented to EU leaders at a Europe@debate conference in April 2015.

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