The Young Perspective on Europe

Aged 20 to 30, the 87 participants of FutureLab Europe from 27 countries – EU and non-EU – contribute their young and innovative ideas to current European topics:

1. Democratic values in Europe:
What should the EU and its member states do to ensure active democracies in Europe?

2. Equal opportunities:
How can the EU and its member states create a future-oriented labour market offering quality jobs for all young citizens?

3. European Identity:
What needs to be done to fight against nationalism and xenophobia and to prevent them from threatening European integration?


Latest News

FutureLab Europe will discuss migration and integration policies with Matthias Ruete at 2015 FutureLab Europe Spring Conference

FutureLab Europe will discuss migration and integration policies with Matthias Ruete, Director General of the Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission at the 2015 FutureLab Europe Spring Conference. The event will take place at the European Policy Centre Auditorium in Rue du Trône 14-16, Brussels, on Monday 13 April 2015.

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EPC-FutureLab Europe Policy Dialogue & Documentary Launch: Fighting homelessness - A way towards more social cohesion in Europe

The FutureLab Europe and the European Policy Centre are happy to host the launch event of the documentary “The Hidden” which will take place in Brussels on Tuesday 31 March 2015, from 10.00 to 12.30.
The documentary will be followed by a policy dialogue on social cohesion and homelessness with Marian Cramers, Film Producer, Elly Schlein, Member of the European Parliament, Michael Ralph, Adviser to the Deputy Director General for Implementation, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission, Liz Gosme, Senior Policy Officer at the European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA) and Paulina Banas, Policy Coordinator at Eurocities.

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FutureLab Europe debates Gender Equality

Equality between women and men is one of values embedded in the Constitutions of many European states. It is a funding value of the European Union and it goes back to 1957, when the principle of equal pay for equal work became part of the Treaty of Rome. In reality, though, despite the significant progress made over the last decades, many inequalities still exist. Gender equality is a theme dear to many FutureLab Europe participants. Read the opinions of Doris Manu, Matilda Flemming and Sandra Grindgärds on how to promote equality between men and women.

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