The Young Perspective on Europe

Europe has to be a “citizen project” in order to succeed. It needs fresh ideas and innovative concepts as well as a strong supportive base from among its younger generations. Outstanding alumni from ten European Foundations get selected into FutureLab Europe. Through their blog, in public debates and through their individual projects they share their young perspective on democratic participation, equal opportunities and identity in Europe.

Latest News

My Europe: What moves young people

Digital innovation could also be of strategic importance to the European Union. The European Union’s digital agenda claims to have 101 activities to make sure EU’s economy gets a reboot and citizens the most out of digital development, but from the Estonian point of view, Europe is not doing anything right. Read the latest article in our series of reflections by young Europeans, prepared in cooperation between FutureLab and Süddeutsche Zeitung Online. 

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Education and training: how to make a dual system successful?

FutureLab Europe will take part in the upcoming Youth Employment Task Force meeting in Brussels on 24 June. Under the heading ‘Education and training: how to make a dual system successful?’, the task force will focus on what is needed to facilitate young people’s transition into the labour market, what makes education and training policies a success and what can be learned from existing practices.

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FutureLab talks with Henri Malosse, president at the EESC

On Tuesday 3rd of June 2014 FutureLab Europe took part in an informal discussion with the president of the European Economic and Social Committee Henri Malosse to take stock of the recent European elections results. The President called this meeting with young European opinion-leaders was to address his concern about the widespread ‘anti-voice’, and join them in a discussion on how ‘Brussels’ can change within the coming 5-year term.

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