The Young Perspective on Europe

Aged 20 to 30, the 87 participants of FutureLab Europe from 27 countries – EU and non-EU – contribute their young and innovative ideas to current European topics:

1. Democratic values in Europe:
What should the EU and its member states do to ensure active democracies in Europe?

2. Equal opportunities:
How can the EU and its member states create a future-oriented labour market offering quality jobs for all young citizens?

3. European Identity:
What needs to be done to fight against nationalism and xenophobia and to prevent them from threatening European integration?


Latest News

FutureLab Europe launched the publication "Investing in the Future: Economic Inequality, Climate Change and the Sharing Economy"

FutureLabbers Ana Luisa Correia, Efehan Danisman and Nathalie Straker co-authored the publication "Investing in the Future: Economic Inequality, Climate Change and the Sharing Economy", a collective effort stemming from the input they received attending the Forum of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris, France, on 2-3 June 2015. FutureLabbers reflected on climate change, sharing economy, inequality and leadership and proposed their very own policy recommendations to world leaders.

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Manifesto: Choose European Democracy, Abandon the Politics of Numbers!

The critical negotiations carried out over the past months between the Greek government and the Eurogroup on the future of the financial assistance programme to Greece triggered a discussion that went way beyond mere economic reforms and financial plans. Concerns about the status of democracy in the EU, solidarity and the future of the Union were voiced by many, who fear the consequences that the handling on the Greek crisis will have on the European continent.

In light of recent developments and worried about the future of the EU and its democracy, FutureLabbers Christopher Wratil and Konstantina Karydi wrote together the Manifesto Choose European Democracy, Abandon the Politics of Numbers!

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FutureLab Europe debates: Entrepreneurship

Promoting youth entrepreneurship and making Europe more entrepreneur‑friendly has recently become a priority on the EU policy agenda. Given entrepreneurs’ potential to create employment and sustainable growth, entrepreneurship is hailed by many as a silver bullet to tackle youth unemployment. In times of dire economic crisis, increasingly reduced youth employment, many look at youth entrepreneurship’s role in facilitating a route into the labour market for some young people.


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